Organize a Class

How to Organize a Class


Contact the Director, Valerie Macdonald, at 770-781-5580, to arrange a meeting with your administrative officers, school personnel, or interested parents who would support offering this program to the students or business associates.


Dates, times, costs, and facility needs will be discussed at that meeting, or preliminary discussions may occur on the telephone or via email.


Choose a committee of at least six supportive parents whose names would be found on the invitation, and who would serve as our consultants and suppliers of needs for our final party, (i.e.,refreshments, decorations, serve as greeters in the receiving lines, etc.)


All registrations come into the Director's office. The committee chairman receives periodic updates regarding student registration. As the deadline approaches, the committee may be called upon to assist by making a few phone calls to enlist students so that even numbers of boys and girls in the class may be achieved.


We hope you will enjoy serving on the committee, getting personal opportunities to view the program, and receiving the numerous accolades afforded those who bring this incredibly thorough and fun program to our friends and students!.


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