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I have never done the waltz before. It was a little wierd but extremely fun once I got the hang of it. I tried it with my parents when I got home!

I loved the contests that you had at the end of the second class. Will we be doing more of those in the next classes?

 I really liked this class

When do I sign up for the 8th grade class? I don't want to miss out! Didn't even think I would like Cotillion. Parent's made me come. I am pretty glad they did :)

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Message from the Founder


Message from the Founder

Tammy Hutchinson, Director of Cotillion Group Academy

Welcome to The Cotillion Group Academy!

The Cotillion Group’s effort to launch a teacher-training seminar was assured when we found very few web sites that offered effective training opportunities doing what we do so well! More teachers are needed to teach the world! If you are reading about this idea, you know very well that parents get so involved raising their children to succeed in everything—school, sports, and eventually in business, that there is little time in most people’s busy lives to teach the children to succeed socially. By exposing boys and girls to formal situations early in life, they become more comfortable and more confident in all social experiences they face now and later in life. That is where we come in! We don’t require white gloves and tuxes --just an opportunity to offer knowledge of what is appropriate in this world that has forgotten many of the important rules of communicating face to face rather than the head’s down posture of today’s young adults seeking frantically to connect with friends standing close by!

Teaching children how to dance with each other (Ballroom, Shag, Swing, freestyle, slow) and learn at the same time how to feel comfortable in a variety of social situations is like giving them a whole new way of life! Our success has been evident when we are asked to teach in the universities and businesses our former students are populating. Our class structure is unique. We offer consecutive classes on a consistent six-seven week schedule, teaching specific school populations at different country clubs or church venues through the school year calendar. We offer a Parent’s Reception and often a 50’s Sock Hop in addition to the five weeks of instruction in dance and social manners.


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