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Looking forward to the parent's party. My brother said it was a lot of fun.

 I loved doing the shag AND limbo! I kept tripping over my poodle skirt but won the "best costume" contest so whatever!

I loved the contests that you had at the end of the second class. Will we be doing more of those in the next classes?

 I loved this party. Thank you so much!

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Commonly Asked Questions

Cotillion Group Commonly Asked Questions and Answers for: 'After School Classes (held within the school setting)

Q. What advantages do the Cotillion Group classes bring to the students?

A. For over a century, children's Cotillion classes have been the main source of young people's social education. Traditionally, dance classes were very formal, very selective, and very expensive.

The Cotillion Classes teach affordable social education. In the classes the children learn to dance, but also learn some important social skills that will instill confidence and provide them with a lifetime skill that will make present and future parties more enjoyable.

Q. What is the cost?

A. Our most popular program is six one and a half hour lessons for $85-$100. We offer a money-back guarantee if a child is not happy after the first lesson.

Q. What are the responsibilities of our school board members?

A. We do encourage endorsement by your PTA. We do like to meet with any PTA representatives and your school principal to answer any questions, discuss times, dates, and your school facility accommodations.

Otherwise, all arrangements are handled by the Director. We provide invitations which are sent home or mailed to each student. All registrations, bookkeeping, and attendance lists are handled through our office.

Q. Do the Cotillion Group Classes pay custodial fees?

A. Some school systems require custodial fees to be paid by private organizations using their facilities. We will discuss this with your representatives and principal.

Q. Is this a single six week program that you repeat each year?

A. We hope that our popularity demands repeating our classes in your school. We do offer a second year program for students in our junior high and high schools. It emphasizes currently popular dances and the following manners:

Making a Good First Impression, Introductions, Conversation Skills, Telephone Manners, Formal Table and Restaurant Manners, Interview Skills, Dress for Success, and Dating Etiquette.

Q. What about a child who is not picked up on time?

A. We encourage parents to watch our classes, and we ensure that at least one parent is available at the end of class to make certain all students are picked up safely.


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