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Looking forward to the parent's party. My brother said it was a lot of fun.

 I loved this party. Thank you so much!

 I loved doing the shag AND limbo! I kept tripping over my poodle skirt but won the "best costume" contest so whatever!

 I really liked this class

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Adult Classes

ADULT classes in dancing may be tailored to private groups or offered as adult education classes to church members or community groups. The course may include waltz, fox trot, Latin, Shag, Swing/Jitterbug, free style or any combination requested.
Adult dance classes have been offered through area churches, country clubs, neighborhood associations, and business groups. Many requests for adult classes come as a result of parents seeing what their children have learned in our programs. We do offer private lessons, wedding dances, and high-school reunion refreshers when our time allows.

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Q: Should I honk the horn when picking up a date?
A:  Absolutely never should you honk your horn when picking up a date. It shows disrespect for your date, family, and neighbors. Get out of the car and present yourself at the door prepared to be polite and respectful.

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